10 Free Best Bulk (Mass) Email Service Accounts for Beginner’s in 2021

10 Free Best Bulk (Mass) Email Service Accounts for beginners in 2021

Free Best Bulk (Mass) Email Service Accounts. Do you want to send an email now? They also want to create a free email to start. So I am writing this for you only. But before starting, I want to tell you something in this context.

However, in the midst of the various marketing strategies available at the time, sending mass emails means straightforward. Promote your business. But to grow any business, we need to understand the behavior of our potential customers while keeping our customers busy. If you choose any company. So you can benefit a lot. As such, you will always remain engaged with your customers. And you can measure your business at any time. Then you can make a strategy on it. And through your dashboard, you can measure your business.

If you want, your brand should reach your customers’ inbox via email. Therefore, to maximize your business, let us look at these 10 free best bulk (mass) email service accounts.

How to choose the best mass email service?

But how do we choose our mass email service? This can be a bit difficult for a beginner. If when you reach your customers’ inbox in a bulk. But unfortunately many times emails come up instead of spam. For this to happen, some important strategies will have to be created so that such smiles can be dealt with. You just need to decide your budget.

  • Segment Your Mailing List: If you already have a mailing list. So it is different for every email user. Therefore you have to collect according to the requirement of your customers. For this, you can collect various attributes together using the CRM tool database. So you get the right content in your customers’ inboxes.
  • You check your membership process: Verification with email-id is very important. This is because it prevents your email from being marked as spam. Your email users need approval
  • Create a Neat HTML Campaign: When you design a campaign to reach an audience. So the content inside it is also very important because it spreads your brand image to the audience. Which you should create a Neat HTML Campaign. So that you can increase revenue.
  • Track User Behavior: Whenever you use your products or services. So every customer uses different services. So that you can analyze your consumers with the help of trekking. And campaigns on the products they browse.

But whether you are starting a new email list from scratch or want to switch to a new provider, this guide will help you find the best Bulk(Mass) email service for your situation.

10 free Best Bulk (Mass) Email Service Accounts in 2021

#1. SendGrid
#2. Mandrill App
#4. SparkPost
#5. Elastic Email
#6. SendPulse
#7. Pepipost
#8. Mailgun
#9. Amazon SES
#10. Sendblaster

I recommend to you Bulk email companies, on which you should consider these 10 Bulk (Mass) Email services. Let’s go start:

#1. SendGrid

SendGrid is a popular email marketing tool. The is a mass email service for sending transactional emails. Which makes it a time-saving, scalable, and delivery expertise for reliable email service by developers and marketers. Which provides modern workflow and automation services. And you can start sending automated emails using a single email trigger. Or it helps you select email using HTML and drag and drop editing features.


  • It provides affordable real-time analytics on its dashboard.
  • This enables sending email securely using your custom domain and dedicated IP.
  • This allows sending bulk newspapers using the drag-and-drop feature in the device.
  • If you want, you can manage scheduling, testing, and content from one platform to reach your user’s inbox.
  • You can easily add contacts through the CSV – (comma-separated values) file.

Try and watch! Fast integrated and forever detecting features with 100 emails/day. Which is totally free till here. If you grow more than 100 contacts. So you have to take the $ 14.95 / month plan.

#2. Mandrill App

If you are a user of Mailchimp, then it will be easy for you to use it. And Mandrill is a transactional email API. Which is specially developed for Mailchimp users. But it would actually be expensive for you. This is because you have to pay for both products. And you can easily send your customers plus custom-made, data-driven email, and e-commerce messages.


  • Allows you to add one or more dedicated IP addresses.
  • This tool provides an experienced dashboard email tracking option. Which you can make a strategy easily.
  • This one automatically depends on the tag sender and the template.
  • You can send mail with more than one domain to a single mandrel account.
  • This allows for easy connection of your CRM or database with email.
  • This mandrill enables you to send an email with existing CSS and HTML.
  • It also provides A / B split testing and email scheduling.

Try and watch! Fast integrated and forever detecting features with 25000 emails Credit. Which is totally free till here. If you grow more than 1 to 500K contacts. So you have to take the $20.00 / month plan.


SMTP2GO is a robust API email delivery service. Which makes it scalable and highly reliable popular for transactional and marketing emails. this tool is very good at sending messages. you can send emails through transactional from your app. And a general email from Outlook can either be a marketing email with a built-in membership link either SMTP2Go. If we talk about their servers. It has inbound servers in Fremont (CA), Newark (NJ), Frankfurt (Germany), London (UK), Singapore, and Sydney (Australia). We also have data centers in Chicago (IL), Reston (VA), and Amsterdam (Netherlands).


  • This is a robust test, which allows you to test email against spam filters.
  • His dashboard is a very friendly first place. Which is designed in a very easy way.
  • This tool helps and handles domain names automatically.
  • This device also sends emails during an internet outage.
  • And you can send emails easily from your mobile app or outlook.
  • Maintains the correct DKIM and SPF records for your website’s domain. And it allows the email to be tested against spam filters rather than not reaching your recipient’s inbox.

Try and watch! Fast integrated and forever detecting features with 1000 emails/day. Which is totally free till here. If you grow more than 1000 contacts. So you have to take the $ 10.00/ month plan.

#4. SparkPost

SparkPost is an email intelligence platform challenging the future. With this tool, you can monitor email. And can handle all incoming feedback. This allows optimizing email performance with unprecedented data visibility.


  • It provides an SMTP cloud server. Which is used to send a direct email.
  • It closely monitors rejected, delayed emails, etc.
  • The SparkPost app has a dashboard. Which is absolutely friendly for the user. Not only that, it also tells you detailed logs and statistics related to your email activity.
  • SparkPost can create custom-designed and personalized emails through various email templates.
  • You can attach files up to 50 MB of email.

Try and watch! It is fast integrated and a perfect tool forever. Which is completely free even. If you increase more contact after doing the test. So you have to take a $ 20.00 / month plan.

#5. Elastic Email

Another popular platform for sending a mass email is Elastic Email, a popular platform. With this, you can set many more campaigns using this provider. And this tool helps you to avoid duplicate addresses automatically. Even this is an advanced algorithm. Which allows you to find the invalid emails.


  • With Elastic Email, you can quickly modify the template. That too with the help of drag-and-drop.
  • The elastic email tool provides detailed statistics.
  • Tens of thousands of companies already send their emails with elastic emails.
  • An amazing email marketing platform, built on the most cost-effective email API.
  • This allows easy connection via the HTTP API.

Try and watch! It is fast integrated and a perfect tool forever. Which is completely free even. If you increase more contact after doing the test. So you have to take a $ 15.00 / month plan.

#6. SendPulse

SendPulse is a bulk email service provider. Which is capable of sending you messages through the SMTP API. Automate data transfer, and send campaigns directly from your project. And see the list of CRM, CMS, and eCommerce systems that you can integrate with SendPulse.


  • 130+ Free Templates: Choose from a variety of email templates. Find one for any event or promotion, or you can design your own stunning template in less than 10 minutes.
  • Create responsive email without any HTML knowledge.
  • Nutrition occurs at every stage of your sales funnel and helps to convert them into paying customers.
  • Automatic Complex Flow: With Automation 360, you can set trigger flow using email, web push notifications, and SMS. And send messages based on the behavior of their customers.
  • Event-triggered emails: Remind customers about their abandoned car, invite them to upcoming webinars, or ask about their experience with your product.

Try and watch! Fast integrated and forever detecting features with 500 emails Credit. Which is totally free till here. If you grow more than 501 to 1000 contacts. So you have to take the $09.06 / month plan.

#7. Pepipost

Pepipost is one of the best cloud-based email delivery engines. It works in a Pepipost Artificial Intelligence way. not much you can analyze. the API endpoint of SMTP Injection Server and Pepipost allow support of TLS and HTTPS respectively. And deliver your email smarter and faster.


  • The SMTP service by Pepipost is an industry benchmark for the fastest email delivery.
  • This allows email to be integrated and delivered with Pepspost’s email API in under 3 minutes.
  • Can integrate seamlessly with open source email marketing tools.
  • Can deliver your email smarter and faster.
  • It takes priority from its side in providing security to its customers.
  • They share the report of their time at their time. And you can keep a custom schedule yourself.
  • It informs about events in real-time. You can take full care of your security.
  • Subaccounts simplify the management of your email domains and users under one account.

Try and watch! Fast integrated and forever detecting features with 30000 emails Credit. Which is totally free till here. If you grow more than 30001 to 1000 contacts. So you have to take the $25.00/ month plan.

#8. Mailgun

Mailgun is yet another email automation tool. Which makes it easy SMTP integration and a simple, restful API to remove the dirty details of sending abstract transactions or bulk emails. And scales quickly, whether you need to send 10 or 10 million emails. And it’s a fast, accurate email verification provider. This Mailgun provides a wide distribution facility. Which is in addition to this powerful marketing automation tool. But it provides an inbound routing facility.


  • You made it easy to easily integrate email into your application.
  • It can set up your email integration in no time. And not only that, you can easily track your email through A / B testing, scheduling, and our sent email API.
  • You can keep communication with your email subscribers and the primary form of prospects for businesses.
  • You can ensure that your emails reach the inbox in record time with 99% delivered delivery of your messages within the first five minutes of your sending. Receive your time-sensitive, high-volume email in the inbox without any delay.
  • This expert email strategy and reputation consulting for exceptional delivery. With a dedicated email expert on your side, you will see a marked improvement in your email program and delivery.
  • Can predict your email performance, and catch delivery issues before they affect your business.

Try and watch! Fast integrated and forever detecting features with 5000 emails Credit. Which is totally free till here. If you grow more than 5001 to 50000 contacts. So you have to take the $35.00/ month plan.

#9. Amazon SES

Amazon SES is a cloud-based email sending service. Which is designed to send bulk emails. You can integrate it directly into your existing applications. You can keep customers updated by sending automated emails with this tool. This device is an Amazon provider. Which you also call Amazon SES from applications hosted in Amazon EC2, if you can send 62,000 messages per month at no charge. This free use does not end the Tier benefit. And you pay outgoing mail data, incoming mail chunks, and EC2 data transfer fees, even if your use of Amazon SES is eligible for the AWS Free Use Tier.


  • Amazon SES provides some ways to monitor your email sending activity. Which helps you to fix your email sending strategy.
  • Amazon SES offers several ways to send an email, including the Amazon SES console, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) interface, and the Amazon SES API. You can access the API using the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) or using the AWS Software Development Kit (SDK).
  • The Amazon SES console includes a reputation dashboard that you can use to track issues that may affect the delivery of your email.
  • When you use Amazon SES to receive incoming emails, you have complete control over which emails you accept, and what to do with them after you receive them. You can accept or reject mail based on the email address, IP address, or sender’s domain.
  • Amazon sends emails from SES IP addresses, which are shared with other Amazon SES customers. Shared addresses are a great option for many customers who want to start sending immediately with an established IP.
  • Amazon SES supports all industry-standard authentication mechanisms, including domain key identity mail (DKIM), sender policy framework (SPF), and domain-based message authentication, reporting, and conformance (DMARC).

Try and watch! $0 for the first 62,000 emails you send each month, and $0.10 for every 1,000 emails you send after that.

#10. Sendblaster

This is the best bulk email software for managing SendBlaster mailing lists and setting up email marketing campaigns in a few steps. Which this SendBlaster combines the practicality of mass email software with the flexibility of bulk email web service into one product. And on one hand, you create a newsletter. Manage lists directly on your desktop. On the other hand, you get a cloud email tracking service to handle reporting and improve your email campaigns.


  • It is a breeze to create a new message from scratch and with the new layout editor. Like choose an email structure, add headers, footers, or side columns, you can choose colors.
  • This experienced HTML designer can alternatively do it completely easily without visual editing. And can maintain full control of their source code.
  • It comes with tons of new templates. Like Template Browser now supports categories for better organization of templates.
  • This visual editor includes an inline photo tool. Which allows you to apply the most common and useful filters and effects to images on the fly and in place.
  • It uses a much better HTML engine. Not only is its HTML rendering better, but the output code is also more polished and conforms to modern standards.
  • This allows for a rich set of ready-to-use templates to help you create a professional-looking email.

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  • I hope this Bulk email service Provider review guide will help.
  • If you are a beginner. So any of this, according to the service of a company, the price is right and low.
  • If you want to ask to start any one of these companies. Fill out this contact form. Do not hesitate to ask.
  • If you have any question in your mind. You can comment in the comment box below.

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